Although I swore I wouldn't write a list,/
Here is, incomplete, /
This week's gratefulness. For://

My husband, sleeping next to me./
My family, one by one,/
Before they left me/
For other lands.//

The place I live, country of my heart./
My dearest friends, ageing now/
My sight, my healthy body, my mind./
The gift of kindness. laughter.//

My name, from which I often garner strength./
Unusual parents, unlooked-for love./
Music, to play and to listen./
Birdsong, fragrance of flowers, and all/
Things sensual.//

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    Dw i'n byw yn Aberystwyth gyda ngwr i,ein cath ac ein ci ni. (I live in Aberystwyth with my husband, our cat and our dog). Dyn ni wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg ers 2007. (We've been learning Welsh since 2007)


    April 2013

    Hammered dulcimer.
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