Not having written a word for a week/
What kind of challenge is that?/
Bear's fertile brain has said barely a squeak/
And all those intentions fell flat./

But here I am penning a rhyme for a change/
(Though not much inspired, as you see)/
No longer I'll sulk like a dog with the mange;/
No longer from verse will I flee./

Though sometimes I'll feel like a bit of a fraud,/
Once more will I take up my pen,/
And though surely my writing will be somewhat flawed/
I'm back in the challenge agen!

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    Dw i'n byw yn Aberystwyth gyda ngwr i,ein cath ac ein ci ni. (I live in Aberystwyth with my husband, our cat and our dog). Dyn ni wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg ers 2007. (We've been learning Welsh since 2007)


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